Cost Effectiveness of a Band Sealer

Cost Effectiveness of a Band Sealer

Not sure what packaging equipment would be better for your small business? To make a determination, here is what you should be thinking about:
Automatic plastic bag sealing machine

The cost it takes to seal your items now

How long does it take your employee to seal a bag by hand? On average it takes about 15-45 seconds to seal an individual bag depending on its size and weight. It may take even longer if the bag needs a sterile environment and sealer to complete the task.

With an automatic band sealer, you can expect to average between 20-30 bags per minute. Each bag can be sealed and sterilized. The best part? Only one worker is needed to run and operate the machine! For a one-time investment, one of our band sealers could save your company tens of thousands of dollars over the year.

Maintenance of the plastic bag sealers versus the cost of multiple employees and insurance

One employee sealing bags for 8 hours a day may only be able to produce around 840 bags a day. The FR-900 band sealer can produce on the low-end 9,600 bags in an 8-hour day if sealing continuously. This would mean the company will need to hire 12 people to meet the same bag output!

The cost of maintenance if done effectively is not much. Wipe down your machine regularly. Remove any buildup of plastic material or shavings. Replace belts when they break or appear to need replacement. And periodically check to make sure that belts are properly tensioned and that the screws, nuts and bolts are properly tightened. Replacing or correcting wheels or gears before they break completely will prolong the overall life of the machine and ensure the best performance for your heat sealer.