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Cost Effectiveness of a Band Sealer

How long does it take your employee to seal a bag by hand? On average it takes about 15-45 seconds to seal an individual bag depending on its size and weight. It may take even longer if the bag needs a sterile environment and sealer to complete the task.

With an automatic band sealer, you can expect to average between 20-30 bags per minute. Each bag can be sealed and sterilized. The best part? Only one worker is needed to run and operate the machine! For a one-time investment, one of our band sealers could save your company tens of thousands of dollars over the year.

What kinds of machines do food processors use?

As an owner of a food processing company it is important to know that your final product is sealed tightly to maintain freshness, as well as provide the customer with ease of mind knowing that no one has tampered with the food. Some of the best heat sealing machines for a food processing company would be the FR-900 Vertical Band Sealer and the DGYF-S500C Induction Bottle Sealer. If you are a company that needs to seal food products such as cereal, cookies, frozen vegetables, soft drinks, vitamins or any other item that needs to be sealed these, two sealers are some of the best and cost effective packaging equipment that is available.

Band sealers in the medical field

As a business where sealing bags is a large portion of productivity, it is important to have a machine that can handle the volume. Having an automatic vertical or horizontal band sealer creates a more productive line. These machines can seal between 20-30 bags a minute. The machines can seal products with liquids, powders, food, medical devices, parts and so much more.