• FZ-1000 Filling Machine Weighing Machine Bag Filler

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FZ-1000 Weighing / Filling Machine


The FZ-1000 Automatic Filling Machine / Weighing Machine

This automatic bag filler is perfect for small to medium sized businesses that want to speed up their packaging processes. Simply pour your items into the hopper and set what weight you want to weigh to and the machine will vibrate the items onto a scale, automatically stopping once your target weight is reached. Then, step on a foot pedal to release the goods into your bag while the machine starts on the next batch. Very simple and easy to use!

We have other sizes of filling machines available if you need to weigh larger weights.

Examples of items you can weigh (non-exhaustive): Grains (rice, wheat, barley), seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame), snack foods (nuts, dried fruits, trail mix), spices, seasonings, fertilizers, soil amendments, animal feed, pet food, mulch, plastic pellets, granular materials, construction materials (sand, gravel, aggregates), specialty cements, craft supplies (beads, sequins), potpourri, decorative sands, stones, coffee beans, tea leaves, sugar, salt, flour, legumes (beans, lentils, peas), candy, cereal, birdseed, bath salts, metal parts (screws, nails), landscaping stones, ceramic pellets, charcoal, fish food, rice husks, recycled materials (glass beads, rubber crumbs).

  • Adjustable weighing up to 2lb
  • Easy To Set Up, Use, and Maintain!
  • Full One Year Limited Manufacturer Parts Warranty!
  • 3-10 bags per minute
  • Durable Construction - Top Customer Reviews In Its Class!


Bag Filling Machine Specifications:


Model FZ-1000
Voltage 110V
Power 200W
Sealing Speed 6-12 meters per minute, 18-36ft per minute
Filling Quantity 10 - 999 grams
Speed 3 - 10 fills per minute
Material Stainless Steel
Weight 32kg
Machine Size 680mm x 400mm x 1300 mm