• BS-A450 Heat Shrink Tunnel Packaging Machine

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BS-A450 Heat Shrink Wrap Tunnel


The BS-A450 Shrink Wrap Heat Tunnel

This Heat Tunnel is built specifically for automating the shrink wrapping process of your packaging line. This machine can easily shrink all heat shrink films including POV, PVC, PP, POF, and others.

This machine is fully adjustable with a variable temperature and speed, as well as air-flow balancers that ensure excellent heat distribution for an even shrink. 

  • Best Quality, Uniform Shrink Wrap Seals!
  • Easy To Set Up, Use, and Maintain!
  • Commercial / Industrial Grade Heat Shrink Tunnel For Automated Shrink Wrapping!
  • Fully Adjustable Speed and Temperature Controls!
  • Compact Construction Built With Efficiency in Mind!
  • Durable Construction - Top Customer Reviews In Its Class!


Shrink Wrap Heat Tunnel Specifications:
Model BS-A450
Voltage 220V 50-60HZ
Power 9KW
Tunnel Size 830mm x 450mm x 250mm
Conveyor Speed 0-10m/min
Max Conveyor Weight 10kgs
Heater Type Quartz Heater
Machine Size 1200mm x 650mm x 1300mm

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