• Liquid and Paste Filling Machine

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YY-GS Semi Automatic Liquid / Paste Filler


GCG-BL Semi Automatic Liquid / Paste Filling Machine

This liquid and paste filling machine is perfect for small businesses looking to fill bottles and other containers with a specific amount of product with speed and accuracy.

Simply set the machine to your container size and speed and start Filling! This machine fills accuratley every time and greatly increases manual filling speeds.

  • Filling Precision Up To +/- 1%
  • Easy To Adjust Variable Filling Volume!
  • Easy To Set Up, Operate, Clean, And Maintain!
  • Supports Both Manual And Semi Automatic Filling!
  • Durable Construction - Top Customer Reviews In Its Class!


Semi Automatic Paste and Liquid Filler Specifications:
Model GCG-BL
Filling Type One Nozzle
Air Supply 400L/min 0.6Mpa
Filling Range 100-1000ml
Efficiency 600-1500 Bottles Per Hour