• Automatic Box Sealing Machine

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FXA-6050 Automatic Box Sealing Machine


The FXA6050 Automatic Box Sealer

This Box Sealing Machine is built specifically for automating the box and carton sealing process of your packaging line. Stop using handheld tape guns and manual labor to seal your boxes.

Simply set the machine to your box sizes and start sealing! Creates a perfect seal every time and minimizes double-taping and wasted resources.

  • Uniform, High Quality Tape Seals!
  • Easy To Set Up, Use, and Maintain!
  • Optimized Tape / Resource Usage!
  • Fully Adjustable to Fit Most Box / Carton Sizes!
  • Optional Ink Printing For Dates and Letters on Carton!
  • Durable Construction - Top Customer Reviews In Its Class!


Automatic Box Sealer Specifications:
Model FXA6050
Voltage 220V 50HZ / 110V 60HZ
Sealing Capacity About 1,000 Standard Boxes / Hr
Tape Size 36mm x 48mm x 60mm
Transmission Up and Down Transmission
Max Box / Sealing Size 500mm W x 600mm H
Min Box / Sealing Size 140mm W x 150mm H
Machine Size 1798mm x 706mm x 1377mm